Study Series No. 1- Making Sense of a Historic Election: Examining political trends and attitudes in Trump's America (March 2017)

Study Series No. 2- Trump's First 100 Days: Examining Voter Attitudes during Trump's Presidency (April 2017)

Study Series No. 3- America First? American National Identity Declines Over Last Two Years Among Both Republicans and Democrats  (January 2018)

Study Series No. 4- Study of American Attitudes on Immigration and Refugees (July 2019)

Study Series No. 5- Study of American Attitudes toward Iran, Syria, and Afghanistan (November 2019)

Study Series No. 6- Study of American Attitudes toward the Political and Economic System (August 2020)

Study Series No. 7- Demographic Study of American Attitudes Before the 2020 Elections (October 2020) (forthcoming) 

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